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It started as a conversation about the challenges we were going through in our various internships, and the dire need for support and guidance we felt we needed and could offer each other as we navigated through this important stage of our early careers.  


This simple chat turned into a fully-fledged idea that saw us launch a female empowerment platform seeking to empower young African college ladies, like ourselves, into becoming tomorrow’s boss women. To date, we have worked with young women in helping them realise and maximise their full potential as they went on to launch their careers. From hosting monthly career-centred events to collaborating with female industry experts across Mauritius and holding a mini-conference, FemmePWR has grown into becoming a digital community for ambitious young women.

We still have a long way to go.


Across African countries, it is estimated that transition and completion rates of women from higher institutions and consequently entry rates into the job market remains shockingly low compared to that of men. FemmePWR seeks to work with such women into helping them prepare themselves better for the working world, and to successfully launch their careers. Through our efforts, we are optimistic and keen to see a generation of empowered African women ready with an ambition to confidently and successfully pursue their careers. 

How we do it



We work with young African college women to help them prepare and navigate their careers successfully


We believe in a cycle of empowerment in which women at different career stages mentor others behind them


We showcase and motivate our women to learn from others and through stories across the continent

Features & Collaborations 


Behind FemmePWR


Meet The Team.

We are a creative and dynamic duo who met at the African Leadership University and realized our shared interest for social impact and women empowerment.


Hope Mutua

Co-Founder, Digital Product Strategist

A digital storyteller at heart, Hope oversees the expansion and growth of FemmePWR in the digital space and the online community. When not implementing a digital-oriented solution, you can find her on Netflix catching up with F.R.I.E.N.D.S or on her website publishing insightful material.

Liz Mwangi

Co-Founder, Product Manager

With a love for processes and connecting with people, Liz works to bring young enthusiastic people on board while driving FemmePWR's PR and building internal processes that work. If not reaching out to an inspiring individual, you can find her somewhere surrounded by nature and animals. 


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